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How to prevent explosion and fire when using thresher?

How to prevent explosion and fire when using thresher? These measures must know the machine!
Machine use is now very common in agricultural production. Using a mobile thresher to thresh crops such as wheat, rice, and beans, and various accidents occur every year. In order to ensure the safe operation of the thresher, it is necessary to prevent the machine from exploding and preventing fire. So, how do you do the protective measures for the operators? Let's take a look at the following.
First, anti-granulation machine explosion

1. When the abnormal sound is sounded during the working of the thresher, it must be stopped immediately and the operation can be continued after the fault is eliminated.

2. For every half of the threshing machine, you must check it once and check whether the nuts are loose or not. For loose nuts, tighten them in time.

3. The pulleys of the power machine and the thresher must be matched according to the regulations. It is absolutely not allowed to use the change pulley to increase the speed of the thresher. It is strictly forbidden to overload the thresher. Otherwise, the threshing machine will easily explode and cause the machine to be damaged.

Second, the anti-granulation machine is on fire

1. It is not allowed to use the open flame to start the engine. It is not allowed to repair the locomotive on site. It is not allowed to stop the operator from moving away from the locomotive or repairing the locomotive. It is not allowed to use steel wire to pull the stone roller or other heavy objects for crop threshing. Work, do not allow high-speed large throttle or hard throttle to work.

2, the tractor should bring the fire hood to enter the threshing site, and the exhaust pipe should be oriented towards the sky, the technical state of the locomotive should be good; the crop should be laid thin; the threshing site should have fire prevention facilities, the water source should be close and the water should be convenient; fixed machinery The transmission part must have safety guards.
The above is the use of the thresher. We must pay attention to these points. Avoid explosions and firearms in the process of use. We should follow the correct operation method, and we must understand these measures.

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